Katharina Kakar | Visuals

"An unashamed sensual sculptural language."


Chris Dercon, Tate Modern, London, 2015



"I loved the video…found it humorous and touching. I showed it to the people in my office and they could not stop laughing." 


Roger Ballen, photo artist, Johannesburg

about the video "Ella Talking Art", 2016


Installations & Sculptures

"Kakar’s works are cheerful, provocative, sexy and scary at the same time."


Dr. Britta Schmitz, Chief Curator, National Gallery

in Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, 2015


photo credit: Rohit Chawla

Wall Hangings

“Empathically explores the issue of feminine space as a territory shifting between the continuously assailed social space and the domestic patriarchal one.”

Dr. Jyothindra Jain, 
Indian Art and Culture Historian, New Delhi



This series of drawings are inspired by the Indian concept of shringana. The drawings deal with women’s sensuality and sexual desires. 

All my ink drawings are based on motifs from Indian miniatures, at times combined with old Indian love poetry. I developed my own style or “handwriting” in an unknown language by creating patterns that are repeated in different ways.

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