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choking the ocean, cooking ourselves and my recent trip on a submarine

#Greenpeace estimates that up to 12 Million tons of #plastic are added to the #ocean each year. "The North Pacific gyre creates the largest garbage site in the world: 700,000 to a million square kilometers of floating plastic. The gyre contains six kilograms of plastic for every kilogram of plankton. In Hawaii, south of this gyre, a dead turtle was found with over a thousand pieces of plastic in its stomach." (https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/the-ocean-plastic-crisis/). Soon there will me more plastic than #fish floating in the oceans. On my recent trip to the Canary Island Tenerife in April this year, we had the chance to go on a #submarine trip. It was very exciting, even though I had seen much more amazing fish #scubadiving in #Hawaii than submarine-diving in Tenerife. But diving down, fish passing by our window, looking you straight in the eye, leaves a mark - the pain of what we do to nature.

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