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Really? #JeffKoons with his Truman Show Façade? You got to be kidding me…

It is said that Koons was already a gifted salesperson while working at the Museum of Modern Art (#MoMA), selling memberships. Well, looking at the price the rabbit just got sold for (91 Million), one has to agree. But when art critics and curators start praising his value as an artist, I start to wonder. Said curator Scott Rothkopf, “The #rabbit, I would say, is one of the most famous works of Jeff Koons’s career, and in fact, one of the most famous artworks of the last 40 or 50 years.” Really? You got to be kidding me… I’d rather go with #ChrisRusak, saying about Koons, “A fake classic. A flowered puppy. An inflatable. And so it blows.”

Even my smart #AfricanGreyParrot Ella (#EllaTalkingArt) knows better, calling him a fake and rubbish… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUt2dhII0To

I have no problem with art selling in the millions, because in comparison to industries such as the automobile industry, the billions invested in art around the world are still a niche. But at least let it be art! Such as #LouiseBourgeois #spider, which sold for 28 Million. Well deserved.

Somewhere else, I wrote “In today’s money-driven art market, global in nature and pretentious in the claims of fame of certain artists, it seems almost impossible to come to an informed opinion, to differentiate between revolutionary art and narcissistic mockery… Who actually occupies the boards of the most important #museums of modern art around the world? Who defines and decides what is seen in museums of modern #art today? Who pushes whom and why?... our habitual way of thinking or seeing is deeply embedded in the time we are born and the culture we grew up with. They affect our taste of what we consider great art. They impact how we relate and react as a culture to art, and that includes gender bias.”

Meanwhile Ella dances to #Jazz (really!) and continues calling Jeff Koons a fake. I cannot agree more.

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