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ART Playground | Tara Trust

Tara Trust  - Engaging with Communities through Art & Imagination 

Tara Trust is a registered non-profit organization in Goa, India, established in 2008 with the mission to empower, educate and enable marginalized children to improve their lives.

For the past eleven years, artist and writer Katharina Kakar has spearheaded the work of her NGO Tara Trust – a creative force for empowerment and social change.

From 2008 till 2018 Tara Trust worked in more than 30 schools and other institutions in Goa, such as anganwadis, orphanages and homes for children with disabilities (see map below). Experienced team members and volunteers from a variety of countries facilitated weekly workshops, using art, music and movement to build confidence and create joy.   

Since 2018, we changed our concept towards project based camps across India. In collaboration with different partners and organizations, we organized projects such as the Elephant Camp in spring of 2018. 

We are further involved in finding sponsors for our partner project, the Jamyang School in Leh/Ladakh, which provides high quality education for the poor. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please download the information booklets below and send your inquiries to

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